Where To Begin? Web Design!

Currently, we are redesigning our website and to be honest, Cat and I have both struggled. We look at the site in it’s old state and turn up our noses. Then we will look at the rough drafts of plans we have for the new site and just close the laptop lid.

Nothing seemed to fit. Neither of us could agree on the direction we wanted.

Cat wanted arty with illustrations and I wanted something clean, minimal and masculine. I’d have a website with imagery of a wooden floor, ten words and my phone number for clients to get in contact to chat…Cat would have seventy thousand pages, all content rich, millions of images of flowers and every bit of her work downloadable for free. Needless to say…. I’m in charge of admin and invoicing and reminding Cat that she is self employed, not gifting her skills.

Where is the happy medium? Can we somehow mish mash them into one? No! Believe me we tried.

Not even the logo could we find a common ground. So we have been stuck for quite awhile.
It’s difficult when you’re a web designer… there is an added pressure as your own site becomes your portfolio and advertisement. We want it perfect but we are both strongly debating what our individual perception of perfection is.
Cat and I have some very different personal preferences, poles apart sometimes and usually when working on client projects it gels. A client will usually be akin to one of us and that person will lead with that project recommendations. Or usually, we think that different, that we argue our way back to somewhere in the middle. Different opinions and different measures equates to broader appeal as all angles are covered.

I use the word argue… Cat and I are hippies, there is nothing argumentative about us. One of us voices an opinion and the other agrees or quietly sulks for a moment. Then we are back on track.


Anyway, being currently in this position is the same position our new clients are in. They know they need a website and might have a few basic ideas or some previous content to work with but how do you know where to start? How do you mix your personality in with your business branding. What if you yourself are the brand?
Here is how we’ve finally set our vision for the new Indie Design Co website.

We had to look at our target audience.

Cat argues that we mainly deal with females…and I’m choosing a masculine theme. My argument is that we seem to naturally attract female clientele so perhaps we need to realign and appeal to men as well. We let go of our own wants such as wooden floors and illustrations and opted for a clean, pretty theme with central monochrome but a splash of vibrant blue. Gender neutral and visually appealing.

I won my argument about having a plain font logo. I made a mental note and let Cat win the next one. Having a plain font logo took away the fuss and looked really professional and tied in with the monochrome colour palette.

Our next heavy discussion was over content. Again, I like the bare minimum…say what we do, show we do it well and then let potential clients get in touch. Cat wants resources available for our current client base, with how to guides and useful information galore. How much should you give away and how much do you hold back? It’s the same with our writing styles…If I can say it in 10 words, I will. Cat will say the same thing in 100 words. She says it’s because of her English Literature degree.

So we compromised and Cat won this one… We are aiming for a content rich website providing…and I made her promise… we can say things in the shortest way possible. And this is why I am writing blog posts…she’s making me.

In fact, as I’m writing this post, she’s sat beside me working on the new website. It’s taking form and it’s looking pretty damn awesome. Our new direction works. We are both feeling giddy about the website which is an amazing sign considering the past few weeks we’ve avoided it as much as possible. We know it now feels right… for us.




PS Cat is mocking me for this lengthy post…Go figure!


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