I love receiving feedback (and kind words) for the work I do… I am happy when my clients are happy! Here are a few reviews from around the web. If you would like to work with me or have any questions about a project you have in mind, please do not hesitate to get in touch via instant chat, phone, or the contact form below.


I worked with Cat to build an e-commerce site that fully integrates with my physical shop in 2016. She really took away the headache of finding the right platform and was brilliant at designing a site that looked great and was intuitive for customers to use.

Since then I have continued to work with Cat on a maintenance basis. For a small fee each month she continues to look after the maintenance and ongoing improvement of my site.

She is quick to respond to requests for help from me, but not only that, she is also constantly working in the background to look after the technical stuff that is so important. Updates to plugins, security patches, managing backups etc. If there is an issue with anything on the site she works directly with helpdesks and theme developers to find a solution. All of this leaves me free to manage my business, knowing that my site is in the safest of hands. This is worth every penny!

Not only that, but Cat is a delight to work with. She’s available via Skype to offer advice and solve problems, is never flustered, and is always resourceful. I cannot recommend her enough!


Without Cat, my business wouldn’t exist. Her ideas for my website were beyond anything I could have ever envisaged myself. It’s clean, friendly and most of all functional. It does everything I need it to do without hassle. This is because not only did she set the whole thing up so I can easily be found through the search engines, she maintains my site so that any glitches such as updates to my online shop are spotted and dealt with immediately. This means my customers always have a seamless experience when buying from me online. She is the go-to person in my opinion, designing everything from my logo to my product labels. She is so friendly and approachable. I feel always comfortable asking questions about the techie stuff which inevitably goes along with website design. Everything is explained simply, including the pricing structure for any jobs I ask her to do. I’m always clear on cost and outcome every single time. Cat is worth every penny. Go hire her.


I am absolutely delighted with the work Cat has done on my website. Her input has been incredible and I am so thankful that I found her! She is very patient with me and will explain everything fully so that I can understand. I would highly recommend Cat’s work and The Indie Design Co offers great value for money.


I’ve been holding off updating my website for so long, mainly because of the misconceptions it would be too technically complicated and secondly too expensive for my budget! I was wrong on both counts, Cat has been a knowledgeable guru, guiding me through all the steps required to building a beautiful website. She has made useful suggestions to improve the layout and links to social media and made the whole process effortless. With packages to suit all budgets, I would not hesitate in recommending The Indie Design Co.
Thank you Cat!


Cat at the Indie Design Company has designed and managed my e-commerce website since its very beginning. With outstanding attention to detail and brilliant creativity, she keeps my business performing strongly online.

For a small monthly fee, Cat maintains all the security and technical stuff behind the scenes of my site, so that I don’t even have to think about it.

And when I need extra things done, she goes above and beyond. Less than 24 hours ago I asked Cat for advice about migrating my large and complex site to a new URL. Within a few hours, the new domain was registered, the site had moved, and to top it all off, a really lovely new logo was in development for my mini rebrand.

She is a delight to work with, a true professional, and I honestly can’t recommend her highly enough. Don’t hesitate. Contact her today!


Buzzing with the website The Indie Design Co. made for RemoteDubbing.tv. Great service, great end result, and didn’t complain once about all my fiddly changes. 5 star. 2 thumbs up. So good, I’ve commissioned another site!


Web design and technical things frighten the wits out of me. All of this fear was totally blown out of the window working with this amazing design guru! Since launching my website I’ve had an influx of new enquiries and am finally getting engagement for my services and newsletter purely down to the fact that I now have a beautiful, interactive site which people are sharing. I LOVE my site – which is something I could never visualise myself. Cat listened to all my requirements¬†and totally got what I needed, coming up with the concept, design, sourcing images and handling all the complicated aspects of my PayPal integration and mailing list – all without batting an eyelid. She is so approachable, generous with her time, and most of all totally knows what she is doing taking all of the stress out of managing my online presence. To say that I recommend her is a vast understatement. If you need a web designer, she is my go-to girl every time x


Absolutely fantastic design team! When I started looking into creating my own website I was really lost. I had no idea where to start. Luckily for me, I was pointed in the direction of The Indie Design Co. I now have a brilliant, interactive professional website. The team are passionate about creating everything from a logo to your website and are always on hand to help if you want to make changes, need advice or to discuss any drastic changes with you. I would highly recommend!


I worked with Cat recently when she designed and built my e-commerce website and blog (www.magnoliatreecrafts.com)

I cannot recommend Cat highly enough – she was creative, informed, and full of excellent advice about how best to put my site together and manage it in future. I was feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of building a complicated platform that managed the inventory for my physical and online shops, but Cat’s knowledge laid all my fears to rest. I now have a site that is perfect for my business and receives compliments from many of my customers. It enables me to manage my business (stock, finances, sales etc.) in real time and is more than I even hoped it could be. Not only that but working with Cat was a real pleasure!


I highly recommend Cat’s services. She has a real talent for solving problems and is always able to come up with simple, manageable solutions to project dilemmas. She’ll go the extra mile to ensure your website is designed to work with your particular business needs, and she’s an absolute joy to work with.

An extremely knowledgeable professional, Cat’s enthusiasm is truly infectious. She’s a rare find! I’m certain as more people become aware of her services, her business will continue to grow from strength to strength. I wish her every success and am certainly happy to be a returning customer.


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