LinkedIn Or Out?

Over coffee and cake last week, Lee declared, ‘I hate Linkedin! I know it is the business/work based social media and everyone is on there, but I just don’t get it… Do I really need it?’

Let me tell you right now, although I express the need for social media this and social media that, I am not the best (even with very helpful social media software) at keeping on top of it all myself! I think I am just not that social! (unless there is cake of course). To explain my answer to Lee’s question I should first explain (for those who don’t really know) what Linkedin is…

Linkedin is a social networking site focusing on enterprise and education, it is also an online cv, recruitment centre, and peer group meeting place. It is huge! And they have recently acquired which is an established and highly regarded learning platform which can compliment your professional development with online courses brought to you by industry experts. LinkedIn has a free membership or you can opt in for the premium version.

Linkedin as an online CV is the modern way to blow your own trumpet to potential clients and employers, and peers.

So to answer Lee’s question… YES! You should be on there. Why would you not be?



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